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Social Trading Platform

Social Trading Platform

We know that you must have heard a lot about forex trading, some of which are negative. Why not allow the professionals to do the talking. We will walk you through the part to endless profit.

How It Works?

How It Works?

Social trading has become increasingly popular as a method that’s often adopted by financial experts to earn profit from the financial market. Of course, newbie traders are advised to select from the flood of experienced traders available, connect to their trading strategies, and copy their trading modes to increase profit.

In other words, the actors in this market are divided into two categories (the strategy provider and the strategy follower). The strategy provider (trader) opens a trade on his/her account. A strategy follower (investor) would, on the other hand, open an identical trade on his/her account.

Repeat deals. Generate passive income. Revolutionary idea of investment and passive income generation in financial markets.

Platform Feature

There are truly talented traders among our strategy providers. Some of them trade in manual mode. Others develop trading robots based on unique algorithms.

Traders’ rating allows finding the world’s most talented traders faster. The rating is based on two top important indices: profits and risks. You can set various filters and classify traders by different criteria.

On default, all traders are classified according to the rating based on an exclusive algorithm. CT Rank is a special program that allows analyzing traders’ statistical value and assessing them. The assessment may be used as an accessory factor for making investment decisions.

We provide the most important data for the professional analyses of trading strategy results. Our statistics reflect closed trades’ data and shows all floating profits or losses.

We do our best to provide a broad picture without superfluous indices. We show the most important information: profits, risks. We display the process that led to achieving results. Besides, we show the history of closed trades for each trading strategy. Thus, you get a chance to compare them with trades in your account. Maximum transparency!

Any trading strategies can be added to your investment portfolio. No limit or restriction! Our platform allows specifying any settings you like for trades duplication. You may choose either a fixed trade size or proportion of your current balance. Beginners are offered an automatic adjustment of settings.

Each setting has tips and recommendations. Thus, you can easily decide what suits you best.

Analyzing your account’s trade results is easy if you use our service! Check the profit provided by your trades or the income you got from each particular strategy provider. The data you get will allow managing your investment portfolio much better. You will remove all unprofitable strategy providers and increase trade size for those, who show optimal results.
Our modern trading platform is accessible from any browser and allows tracking all trades in a real-time mode. This server is synchronized with your brokerage’s trading server. The connection allows exchanging data on the status of your account, trades, etc. The platform makes it possible not only to track all current trades but also manage them by using our website.

You’ll be able to check what strategy providers take the top positions in your account or how much they earn. You can manage your account, close some trades of the connected strategies. No limit!

4 Simple Steps to Begin

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